my 19th nervous breakdown…

Rough couple days… It is a manic up and down life right now. I am secure in my abilities and I know when I get to South Korea I am going to do everything in my power to be the best I can. That is not the stress, it is EVERYTHING ELSE. Today is D-Day… today is when I send out my E-2 paperwork, today is the day I talk to my boss. I guess although it has been building and building it is becoming official and I am cycling through about a million emotions a minute and that is hard for me. I am not an unfeeling fellow but generally speaking I do not express or emote very much.

I told my close friends yesterday after work. I have been keeping this quiet because as they say loose lips sink ships and in this environment I worried a great deal about getting walked out of my job of 15 years. And that is the other thing, I am leaving my job of 15 years. To be sure I have done a lot of other things in my life but this change is huge for me. I am very positive about it but lets just say walking away from entrenched comfort is something that takes a lot of commitment and a lot of chutzpah. I know it will be okay, and i know I will do fine but these next couple days are pushing me toward my 19th nervous breakdown!


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