Don’t Bring Me Down!

I could have swore I linked some ELO goodness before but looking back I guess I didn’t. Sorry, doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the post but “Don’t bring me down” is one of my old school favorites. Got an email today that my NOA is ON THE WAY! YEAH!!!!! (see that awesome rhyme… I’m a rapper now ha ha) I am very excited, a lot in the Facebook group are getting their NOA’s and it looks like things are clipping along. I had faith in EPIK because they have been doing this way longer than me but i was still pretty stressed along this pre-journey journey. I always build a lot of extra time into things I do, if something starts at 9am I am the one people see kinda milling about around 8:20ish. Of all the stressors in life I try very hard to make sure time is not one of them for me. All that aside, I will not know exact date until I open the envelope. I am going to call to try to schedule my E-2 Visa stuff today or tomorrow.

I have been cleaning up and figuring out what is coming and what is staying behind. I am making up 2 boxes to ship at later dates. First box will be for right after I get out of orientation and get to the new apartment and the second will be filled with stuff that should be running out around that time (deodorant and stuff like that). really starting to feel real! I will keep you all posted on the upcoming Atlanta trip.


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