In Limbo…

I am flooded with a mixture of excitement, freaking out and feeling of floating in limbo. I was accepted by EPIK, I was assigned to Daejeon and now I wait for my NOA to arrive via mail. I know it will come soon but the wait is killing me. They give explicit instructions to wait until the NOA arrives to book the flight, although many I know have already booked them. I also cannot get to Atlanta for the E-2 Visa process until I have the NOA in hand. I know that when the big ol’ jet airliner takes off and i am in orientation all of this angst and worry about time will be forgotten due to the incredible ability of the mind to heal. Well, then I am sure I will have tons more to worry about ha ha. Every grey hair on my head has a story.

One great event, a close friend Oliver Klozov came up for the weekend. He will not be able to see me again before I roll out so it was great seeing him again. He is my closest friend and we always have so much fun. He is a teacher and was able to offer advice and also gave me lots of hope due to his love for the teaching game. I am excited… i need to get that mail and break out of limbo.


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