Get Down… Get Funky

This video doesn’t really have anything to do with my post but I watched “Green Slime” last night and was blown away by the funkadelic theme song. I keep thinking and thinking about what I need and what I can do without, what I will miss and what I am leaving behind. I cannot really overstate the value of the Facebook group created by Sean for EPIK 2011! Were it not for the group I would probably be making those around me NUTS with my frantic energy and over thinking. If anyone reading this has aspirations of working as a JET or as a GET later this year (2011) or in the future please make a group on whatever social network is popular at the time. I never joined any of the numerous social networks out there until some of the more popular ESL boards became to negative to bare… then I joined the EPIK facebook group and found a whole awesome group of people going through the same thing as me all around the world. It makes all the difference in the world, it gives support and keeps a positive light shining. I hope the group lives on through our year (or years). It will be quite a read when our time in Korea is said and done… I think we will laugh and admire how much we have all changed.

And now for no reason… Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler


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