Wonders never cease! My FBI cbc came back last friday and i quickly got it notarized and mailed off to the Florida Apostille department. Got it back monday! i was so relieved. There is a lot of confusion on the internet and forums as whether or not the FBI has to Apostille it or if the states will. From what i can gather if you asked the FBI to notarize it then it must be Apostilled by them but if you get it notarized in your state then your state will apostille it. If you do it in-state that will save a few weeks and trust me time is of the essence. What i did was check with my secretary of state before hand, some states will apsotille and some won’t so do your homework and find out if your state will.

So early this morning i sent my apostilled FBI CBC off to South Korea. Now i wait to see if they find me a home. I have heard that the NOA’s will be late December or early January so I am just hopeful that my flexibility gets me a school. I am older than most but i have a solid resume and some good work experience.


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