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You can turn the page but DO NOT remove it! I got my FBI cbc friday, monday morning i quickly got it notarized and sent off to the State Apostille Office. I am feeling the time crunch big time. I mailed EPIK my state cbc that is supposed to be a placeholder but until it is all said and done i still worry. I have read a few places that the placement notices will not be sent out until late December/early January so i have time. I hope this works out, i have really been working hard.

I will be signing up for a TEFL online class in the very near future. I am excited about that, it will be a good way to get some great pointers and strengthen my skill set. I do not have any apprehension about teaching, i am very comfortable in front of people and I have dealt with a lot of interpersonal situations in my career. I will give it my all, just as i always do.


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