You gotta fight…

You gotta fight, for the right…  to TEACH! Amid a barrage of bad news, hard decisions and negativity by numerous people (mostly by people on the human cesspool known as the internet – via forum doom and gloom and wonderful comments of negativity and pompous one-upmanship here) i got a happy email today. My recruiter wrote me an email to let me know that my documents cleared the second level. Which means that I have a very good chance of placement. As long as i get my FBI check back and get it apostilled i will be good to go. I still subscribe to the “nothing is true until i am on the plane” but i am allowing myself to feel a little relief.

I want to take a TEFL course and study korean as much as i can to enhance my skills, i need to make sure that what ever school i get to is getting the best teacher i can give them. I am fairly meticulous in my preparation and commitments so i think it will work out for the best. I made a vow to myself to give everything i got and that is what i am going to do!


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