bang bang

I haven’t really been shot down but i like that song. Well, my documents for the Hagawon arrived on monday. Still no word from FBI but i wrote my congressman and asked him to pull strings to hurry it along and i wrote my secretary of state to ask if she would apostille it when it comes back rather than me sending it to washington for a 2 week delay. Haven’t heard back yet, she is probably trying to find out what the hell an apostille is because before this whole thing started i sure never heard of one. I am looking at the timing and it is going to be a photo finish as to which one i get. I worry a little about being the only English native at this Hagawon, i know i can do it but what do they expect? With epik there is a support system. hmmm

i have to talk about something that kinda bugs me about this whole thing. Before i started this process i would have never conceived of juggling 2 contracts or stringing someone along. I am a very straight forward what i say is what i do kinda guy. My things change, after getting kicked around so hard by so many people and schools i have really grown a mean streak. So maybe the bang bang will be me?


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