Panic Attack…

Okay, i am not REALLY having a panic attack but there is a lot weighing on my mind. I didn’t hear from Issa about the ECC gig so i am assuming that is a dead duck. That still leaves the You & I day after christmas departure or EPIK which is February some time.

I was sitting in a meeting yesterday as some corporate shill was talking about insurance and mentally i was going over things like what needs to be done, what i should be doing and what i haven’t done at all (you know… like LEARN KOREAN) and i suddenly felt a wave of worry. It passed fairly quickly because of the many things i have learned from my father over the years the main thing is that no matter what happens in life they can’t take away who you are. I believe his exact words were “the worst they can do is take your shit” but over the years i distilled those eloquent words into “no matter what they can’t take away who you are”.  For some reason those words he told me a long time ago stuck in my pea brain and when ever i am charging toward some hair brained ill advised plan those words keep me going forward. But i digress, I am seriously hoping to hear from EPIK soon but come hell or high water soon South Korea will be my home. Time for a panic attack? Nah, the only thing i have to fear is fear itself…. well, that and really big spiders. Oh and i am not fond of heights… but other than those things a few others that is it.


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