Changes, more like it’s raining opportunity. Time for me to man up or shut up, my recruiter said there was an opening at ECC Korea (insert smart ass comment here) but it would be shipping out November 30th. I stalled and wrote that if they slide it to December 13th i would be open to it. Now, i also have sent my documents to the same recruiter for a signed contract with You & I english school. I keep holding out hoping and praying to hear back from EPIK before these come about but in all reality i will most likely be shipping off to a hagawon. Is that good? Is that bad? i have gone round and round on the internet listening to people vent and bitch and i have ran through all the bad things about being in Korea and being at a Hagawon but you know what… this is my life, nobody will see though my eyes and nobody will walk the path in my shoes so i am done listening to the endless negativity of the internet. Will some things suck? OF COURSE! Some things suck here and now but life is what you make of it and i am going to run hard and fast. I have seen first hand the wasted life and the grim specter of old age. We are all racing toward death, what matters is the sights we see and the stories we share along the way. Hagawon… EPIK… Japan… Korea… No matter where i land i will strive to be the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.


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  1. Seán
    Nov 10, 2010 @ 06:02:28

    Hi there

    I must say I’ve been following your progress with interest and also a smile on my face I must say, anyway we’re after setting up a facebook page for the EPIK Spring 2011 applicants, there’s about 35 of us so far bouncing stories and ideas off each at

    Feel free to join, if you don’t have a facebook account or don’t want to join, well, no hassle….

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