dirty deeds are never cheap…

I wanted to write more because there is A LOT going on but i am not sure how to put it. Hell, i am not even sure what to do next. As i mentioned i was accepted by EPIK but i did not get NOA (notice of acceptance). I have a strict policy of not believe anything until it happens. I got a contract from You & I for some smaller areas, and just yesterday i got a contract from a school through Hands Korea. The Hands school wants me there November 11th, i am like no way. I declined but they countered with a “what if they slide the date back email”. I feel kinda dirty because this is NOT how i live my life. I am a very straight up person and hate this kind of thing, stringing people along but unfortunately the lesson i learned from ECC is to never trust anyone. I am REALLY hoping that EPIK comes through because i really think being a public school teacher is the best for me. What the hell am i going to do, i hate letting people down.. most of all i hate letting myself down.


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