No turning back… no regret

Well, i cut Interac loose. I didn’t go to the Orlando Session last saturday, i felt a little like i burned my only bridge but i have to make peace with it. After weighing the pros and cons i just didn’t see the point of laboring through the dog and pony show again. Let me tell you, if you haven’t gone through one of these “sessions” you are in for a treat. It is full of all the usual prodding and poking of a normal interview with the extra added bonus of adults pretending to be children students and video taped fake lessons. They are spec-tacular to say the least. So, long story short i skipped the drama… i felt a little bad about it but i gotta move on.

I have my paperwork in with EPIK, i have a contract waiting for me with You & I and i did an interview last night so Korea looks like my home. I have to say when you write out all the perks and money Japan does not even come remotely close to Korea. Sure, japan is cool but the money is so low it is like you are actually paying them to work there. With Korea they really take great care of the Guest English Teachers, despite all the whining and complaining you will read on the internet. So i got 3 irons in the fire, i hope i don’t get burned!


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