know when to hold em, know when to fold em

Well, I got an interview with pretty solid interest for a Hagawon in S. Korea, and EPIK paperwork is on a plane as we speak. I am seriously considering tapping out of the Interac Japan interview. Don’t get me wrong, japan would be AWESOME! it is my first love, but the harsh reality (and a common thread in my posts) is that i am a fat old man. Now, there would be a slight possibility they would hire an old guy, there is a slight possibility they would hire a fat guy but put the two together and i think it would be a futile attempt. I am slotted for this saturday in Orlando for their session/interview but i might just cancel out. normally i am not one with a defeatist attitude, in fact i am most tenacious when i am being doubted. But in this case there seem to be too many questions in my brain… the exchange rate is so bad I would lose my ass, for the interview i would have to be clean shaven (i usually have a beard or goatee), i would have to wear a suit every day. I am still not sure if i am going or not… i am not talking bad about Interac at all. I am just not sure i would be accepted. Should i hold ’em or fold ’em folks. We shall see.


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