I wanna be the little engine that could!

Not the little engine that DIDN’T. So, I am waiting for the EPIK crc form to come so i can send my paperwork to Korea. In the mean time i have an interview tonight via phone with You & I Korea. Then Saturday i have my Interac Japan interview. I am excited to be part of all the action but i sure hope this push gets me over the mountain, just like my hero the little engine that could. Wish me luck one and all! i hope EPIK comes through because at this point they have my top spot, then Interac then some of the various hagawons in the mix.

To elaborate, for those who don’t know but care, EPIK is the Korean public school program that brings “GETS” to help teach English to the youngsters. GETS are Guest English Teachers. Interac competes with JET to bring ALTS to japan to do the same. Hagawons are various Private English schools in Korea. Basically i prefer public school for personal reasons. I love japan but quite frankly the money difference and the demands of Japan are so extreme Korea just makes sense. Korea – free apartment, free air fare to and from, casual business dress, decent money. Japan – find your own apartment, buy your own ticket, wear ONLY suits, no facial hair, oh… and bring $5k with you to live unless you want to starve to death and live in a box. So, the coolness factor of Japan doesn’t make up for all that. And finally a Hagawon is okay but they are hit or miss based on the boss you work for and how much they like you. I will keep you all posted on the developments!


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