all or nothing

Wow… when it rains it pours. I am sending my paperwork to EPIK via KoreaConnections recruiters. EPIK created a form to fill out for all of us that have a statewide criminal background check… basically saying here is this and when the FBI gives me the other one i will send it to you. In the mean time i have 2 interviews coming up with Hands Korea and a saturday interview with Interac.

I have to admit after the last debacle where i chose a ECC instead of Interac and it turned out to be one of the worst decisions of my life (see older posts for more if you are just joining) I am a bit gun shy. I can see where this is going, instead of hearing nothing from anyone i will get accepted by everyone and then have this weighing on me again. I must tell you of all of them EPIK seems to fit what i am looking for the most. But as always, we shall see. It is all or nothing…


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