With a little help…

Well, i got the results from my EPIK interview. They accepted me, now i move onto the lightning round. This is the sketchy part of this bumpy ride. It was stressed that it is not official until they get all of my paperwork, i have ALL of my paperwork except for the F.B.I. criminal background check. Damn Damn Damn… i sent it out last week but i was told (by the F.B.I.) that it will be 10 weeks and it can’t be expedited. Thanks big brother, apparently you can tap into my phone conversations at anytime but you can’t help when i need you most. ANYWAY… the real kicker is this policy just changed, it used to be fine for the criminal background check to be state not federal. Wanna know how i know all this, because i HAVE an apostilled Florida criminal background check right here… i am looking at it wishing it was an F.B.I. one, but it won’t change no matter how much i look at it.

Long story short, i am going to try to work with the recruiter and see if i can send them everything except the CB check to be a placeholder so i don’t lose the spot. I think once they are gone, they are gone. Wish me luck one and all… working with the government is always a pleasure. I was thinking about just nagging them every day until it comes but that would most likely violate some new clause in the patriot act and actually add to my criminal history, not help. So i wanted to pop open a celebratory champagne tonight but alas that will have to wait until it is official.

I still have Interac next weekend. so i am preparing for that just the same. Also, Hands Korea is still in the mix and working hard for me. I keep thinking something has gotta hit.


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