One way… or another

Well, last night i did the EPIK Korea phone interview. I think it went well but you can never really tell. I always just try to be myself and hope they can feel my passion and dedication. Either way i will accept the result…. what else can i do.

The only other thing i have hitting the calendar this month is an INTERAC Japan in person interview session in Orlando next weekend. I have done this one before, it is the standard listen to the pitch and watch their movie then do the lesson in front of everyone (and a camera in this instance) then interview with the person and wait. I am very comfortable in front of people and in front of cameras so this is where i shine but again the main point will be if the recruiter thinks i am too old/fat to teach in japan. One way… or another i will see where it leads. I will stand tall and strong in the night, and keep looking for the morning light!


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