Hmmm, the newest guidelines for EPIK state that criminal background checks now need to be nation wide for the US. Previously it only had to be for the state you lived in (r states in the past 10 years). i have gotten 3 or 4 state checks no problem, i am not in any system other than county volunteer and a speeding ticket or two. What threw me for a loop is that for an F.B.I. criminal background check I need to submit my fingerprints. Now, i am not a conspiracy nut or one that thinks big brother is watching (hell, i am not sure they are watching the important things let alone some schlub from Tampa) but i AM a little apprehensive. Lets just say i am not big on giving governments personal items like bodily fluids, finger prints… etc.

I have to weigh the pros and cons, EPIK said i only have to submit the F.B.I. background check if i make the second interview. Do i play the waiting game and see or go ahead and bite the bullet? It only costs $18 but again… money isn’t the thing, giving the government my fingerprints is. I think our country does a lot right but lets just say the “Land of the free” does not always feel “Free”. Ah what the hell. if they want the finger prints of a schlub from Tampa let em have em.


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