If i could save time

Seems all i have is time, yet i am not saving it nor using it well. I am in limbo (as noted in the last post) but instead of living life i am coasting in nothingness. I might look back on this time and realize i threw away precious days. I think part of the problem is i focused only on this journey and now that it has stalled i have no other irons in the fire. To be sure i have a lot of other interests but i am not not doing any of them. I worry if i start something big then i will get caught and have to drop it if i ever get the call from Korea or Japan.

I did have a phone interview with Korea Connections, it went well but it was the standard Epik deal. They will let me know when i need to do the paperwork and work for me. They told me that my age wasn’t a problem and also that they placed over 500 teachers…. will I be 501? doubt it but i guess we will see.


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