Let’s Limbo…

No… i am not limboing to celebrate i am IN limbo. I talked a little with the teacher that is currently at that middle school and he said i was not out but they are carefully discussing the options. I can understand that completely, this is a big investment for all those involved. I think sometimes on this blog i come across as an unreasonable person. I assure you i am not, i understand that there are younger more qualified people out there. I can concede that younger is often better because youth is often more open minded and not so set in their way, but it comes at a price. I can guarantee that my few extra years on this earth yield wisdom with crisis handling and also how i spend my free time. My down time will be less, how should i say… troublesome to the country of Korea. When i was younger i was a bit more rambunctious (nice way of saying a hell raiser). Going to another country when i was younger would probably have caused some trouble and possibly resulted in some jail time. Now i am much more level headed and can be relied upon. All in all i am still hopeful for a good outcome with this middle school. If they go in another direction i will press on. I wish they knew what a perfect fit i would be for them.


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