I AM a rat in a cage!

I had hoped to be looking for a happy song filled with triumph but alas, i am not. I got an email this morning that said The principle of that wonderful school wanted to hire a different teacher that was younger. The email went on to say that the lady that interviewed me really wanted me because i interviewed and was the best candidate. So they asked me to call her tonight (tomorrow am in Korea) before she goes and talks to the principle. here is the EXACT points of concern from the email…

“Also, here are list of things what head staff are worrying 1. your health –> mostly, they worked with young native teachers and you would be much older than them so head staff are worring your health  2. allergy expecailly, food allergy cause some of teachers are having hard time when they have the school meal on lunch.”

I am not going to rant and spew hatred just yet… but i know deep in my heart if the HEAD GUY wants someone younger my chances are about the same as a snowball in hell. Let me tell you all, if you want to really feel like you are over the hill and got one foot in the grave do what i do and try to be an ESL teacher in Asia. It is spec-tacular being reminded around ever corner that you are “OLD”. For a culture that in every book i read places so much reverence and respect for their elders apparently that only counts if you are their relatives because i have been treated like shit since started this journey. I call shenanigans on that lie and i call shenanigans on the whole god damn process. This post would contain more swear words per square inch were it not for my mother being a reader. When i finally do call it quits on this bull shit (which will be soon) i am going to really give everyone involved a good piece of my mind.

Oh, and as a side note… that part about not filling this page with curses and swear words because my mother reads this… you see THAT is ACTUAL reverence and respect for elders not nonsensical lies hidden behind Confucius jargon.


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  1. Alex Pickett
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 06:43:37

    I wouldn’t take it too personally. Appearance is a bit of an important thing here (that’s why they wanted a photo of you to begin with) and plus, I think some schools are worried that an older person might burn out faster or not be content with being a human tape machine. I’m not saying all teaching jobs here are like that, but there are definitely some schools (public and private) that really want you to make the students “listen and repeat.” An older, more established person might be more hesitant to do that than some kid just out of college who doesn’t know much and so can be molded more. Just a thought.

    How old are you talking anyway?

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