Well, i had my skype interview and it went pretty well. Believe it or not i actually got a contract offered to me. I signed my part and sent it back via email. I am optimistic but this is where it broke down last time, i signed my half and then the school backed out. So i guess i will say i am CAUTIOUSLY optimistic. The school is a public middle school in (or near) the city of Gimpo South Korea. I got to talk with the current english teacher at the school and he seemed very happy with the gig. I wrote him an email today as a follow up with some questions, i promised him i would not flood him with random questions. I am really happy to be in a public school vs. a hagawon, i know they each have their pros and cons but i felt that i was better suited to a public school. I will keep you posted, in the mean time if anyone has any ideas for the song i pick if it comes true i am open to suggestions.


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