Video… did it kill the radio star?

Other than this being the first video played on MTV back when MTV played these things called “Music Videos” i thought it represented my latest tryst with wackiness. I got a message from hands asking me to make an intro video for one of the schools. Not a particularly outlandish request, but unfortunately for me i do not look like brad pitt so this will probably “kill the radio star” in this deal, the radio star being of course me.

I guess we will see, i gussied up and put on my best smile so hopefully the schools will see more my personality than my looks. But something tells me they will look at the video and say… He to fat, He to old… get me young lady video to look at. You see, in this magical land there exists none of these wacky things like age and sex discrimination. So, i am hoping for more phone interviews than skype or video interviews cause lets just say i am not young and i am not a female… not even the funny kind of Mr. Mom female (the thought of me cross dressing would send the masses fleeing!). So long story short… did video kill the radio star? For MTV, no they killed themselves with crap programming… For Me, i guess time will tell.


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