The Trial Begins… again

Last night i had a phone interview with You & I school in Korea. It went well, now i wait. Often these phone interviews are very difficult because you are talking with a recruiter or Hagwon owner in Korea that knows English but is not completely fluent, and usually the call is through Skype to save money. Now, Skype is a wonderful invention but lets just say Skype in Korea to cell phone in America often causes a great deal of fluctuation in both volume and quality. The interview last night was not like that at all, the owner of the school chain was a NY Korean and spoke very well and i could hear her well so it was a good interview. I am actually letting my guard down and becoming hopeful about this one (i know… will i EVER learn?!?). We shall see… now more important is that i get my documents back from the Florida powers to be and let Korea Recruiting know that i am good to go. I was told by Hands (the other recruiter of note) that there is a school interested in me and i should know friday… i wonder how the trial will end, will the judge wall me in or break me out? stay tuned!


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