I’ll Do it MY WAY

Okay, i was going to call this post “it’s raining men” but that is a little to gay for me. So basically I wrote to hands and asked for my Documents back so i could be ready for one of the other recruiters to come through. They replied Okay, sorry we didn’t fit your timeline. I was like hmmm you are putting this on ME? but anyway… i digress. I get a phone message from a place called Korea Recruiting the next day asking how my documents were going (they talked to me when i started to get a second set of docs together). I wrote him back and told him they were just sent off for Apostilled and should be back soon. So the rep from Korea Recruiting writes and asks if we can talk on the phone. Sure no problem.

In the mean time i got a message back from hands saying they had a few schools lined up and if it was okay with me they would pursue them before sending my docs back. I wrote back and said of course. The main thrust of my message to them was not i didn’t care for their company… i don’t really care WHO places me only that they DO ACTUALLY place me. Back to story line number 2… i talk with the rep last night and he told me that there were numerous opportunities with a company called “You and I”. It went well and i got a follow up phone interview tonight. SO long story short Hands has a lead (and i think they might ratchet up the heat on their end knowing that i have other lines in the water) and Korea Recruiting has a lead. Could this story possibly be heading toward a happy ending? stay tuned because out of nowhere i have 2 possibly 3 chances. All with a Japan Interac interview coming up late October. You’ll forgive me if i am not peeing my pants with excitement but i am hopeful. Stay tuned listeners!


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