I don’t believe a word

So, i go onto this website that is kinda the mecca for ESL stuff. I see a post that basically says that all the supposed jobs in Korea are bullshit. I render my 2 cents saying basically that there probably ARE jobs but not for old folks like me (you know, old… over 22). Normally i don’t really get involved in the internet forum stuff because i think it shines a harsh light on the true horrible nature of humankind. But if I actually have something to add i will chime in. At some point one of the more “vocal” folks on the board chimes in and basically says it is all nonsense and there are thousands of jobs in Korea (his words). He goes on to say if the thread starter wants to send his resume he will find him a job in 5 days. Calling shenanigans i write and say “well, i am not the thread started but if you want to write me i will take you up on your offer.” basically saying put up or shut up. He actually wrote! i was fairly astonished, so long story short i will be sending him my resume and we shall see if this miracle worker really has the stroke to find me a job. I am putting my money on black (meaning it is bullshit and he will not find a job) but who knows… stay tuned for more wackiness!


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