Should I Stay Or Should I go?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go….

Okay, enough with the trip down memory lane, thank you all for bearing with me as i walked along the river of whiny tears. Now… flash forward to now! I have a recruiter named “Hands Korea” with my resume and various necessary documents in hands looking for a spot for me. There have been about 3 close calls in that I actually Signed my side of the contract and then had the rug pulled out from under me. Not Hands fault… just discouraging to say the least. As the weeks went on i noticed less and less correspondence from them. Then it hit me, I was making the same mistake twice. I was being loyal to someone… SO, i started contacting other recruiters figuring hey why not have a BUNCH of people working for me. I am not paying them, in the Korea model the schools actually pay the recruiter.

Currently i have no less than 6-7 recruiters with my info (but in reality it is probably more like 50 that HAVE my info, what they are doing with it is a different story). Long story short is i have been blowing in the wind for a few months now. The bottom line is there is a Strong Recruiter out there that wants to place me in Epic to teach at a public school. There is an interview coming up in the near future with Interac to see if I can get hired teaching at a public school in Japan and somewhere in there Hands is still floating around. So last weekend over many beers i had an Epiphany… i am not really making any progress. So i am REALLY on the fence as to should i just hang up this dream and forget it? I have major life changing plans in my future and they are basically on hold while all this bullshit plays out. Part of me thinks roll the dice and see if 1 of these 3 comes through for me. If yes then go with it and if no then move on in life.

frankly the thought of me wasting away at my current job not only numbs my brain it basically sucks the soul from my body. It is not a bad job, but i have been there for 14 years. Lets just say the glimmer has drained from my eyes. I am not sure if i should keep on keepin’ on or if i should pack it in and accept my lot in life. Possibly 12 or so beers will help shine the light on my path? guess we will see.


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