Time to move onto Higher Ground

Higher Ground

Okay… enough feeling sorry for myself. Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and i am all out of bubble gum. The Japanese school scene breaks down like this, there are public Alt positions and there are private English schools called eikaiwa. There are only a few major recruiters out there for the big Eikaiwa schools and many have closed due to poor economy or poor business models. Basically there is ECC, Amity, Aeon, Geos and a couple others. There was a huge one called NOVA that crashed and burned. Interac is the recruiter for public school ALT positions.

Knowing that NOVA is gone and ECC is not an option (see rants below for that back story) my chances are dwindling fast. I schedule interviews with Amity and Aeon and start preparing. I go to Atlanta for Aeon interview. I was not feeling it, and i failed. I did okay day one and i did okay on the test but when it came to the second level one-on-one class i really whiffed. I went home a little poorer and a little more dejected.

Next up Amity interview in Chicago… This one i really got focused. I did well the first day, in fact they mentioned that the recruiter on the other side of the room with another group felt my energy. Second day i did the individual class and felt good about it. Not great but that is kinda my personality, nothing i do is every good enough. Go home feeling alright but alas i get the email saying i was not chosen. Here is a really fun little fact about all of these interviews they put in black and white that they do not and will not discuss WHY you were not chosen. So if you want to learn from your mistakes you can basically suck eggs.

Looks like Japan is OUT. There are a few factors that contribute to this, the down economy in the US and Japan means that there are a LOT of college kids just going over there instead of trying to enter the job market in America. There are a LOT of out of work english teachers already hitting the streets in Japan and there are schools closing left and right in japan. So you can see how much of a chance an old, out of shape male with little experience teaching has to get a job there. I have heard that for every Japan teaching job posted on the many many online spots i troll each night gets between 200 – 1000 applicants. Ouch! Next stop… Korea?

Stay tuned because this dog might be out of the fight but the fight is NOT out of the dog!


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