I wait and bleed

Wait and Bleed

I am going to put an aside here and talk a little about my ECC experience. I will start by saying that i am not a complainer or person that gets joy from being a whiny baby so it is hard for me to slam a person or company when i don’t agree with them, but i am going to. This company not only stole over a year of my life but it also treated me like disposable garbage to be discarded like trash when it was all said and done. I understand they over hired and hit a slump, i understand that business needs might have slumped when they expected a peak. What i DON’T understand is that they had a hiring session in November 2009 when i (and others like me… yes there were others that were hired and then never placed) was still in their pool from the hiring session in November 2008. What i DON’T understand is how i went through all of their hoops and prepared for over a year to be thrown away without regard. Lastly, what i DON’T understand is why when i wrote the recruiters i was told that i would have to fly to Toronto Canada and go through the interview process all over again. Basically telling me all i had been through amounted to NOTHING to them. I carry a lot of bitter feelings and rage toward how this whole thing was handled. Basically, use my tragedy as a cautionary tale if you interview with ECC… Are they a good school? i thought so but then again i was never given an opportunity to see for myself.

I will drop it now and move on but do not try to debate this with me because what i have written is what happened to ME. I am going to take these lessons learned and move on, but i will never forgive and i will never forget.


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