I am… the King of Fools

king of fools

When we last left off I was waiting with dreams in my heart and anxiety on my mind, then it hits! DISASTER! I get an email that absolutely destroys me… ECC cuts me loose! After a year and a few months they bid me ado and kick my sorry ass to the curb. So i have not only lost my Interac position but I have also lost over a year of my life. Now if i was a young buck this would not be a big deal but i AM NOT… I turn 40. This is basically a death card for employment in Japan. Sure, they say no age limit but as I eluded to earlier, unless you are a 20-something blond woman your chances in this market are nil. So, I contact Interac and see if they have any interest in me anymore and they say sure but I need to re-apply. Cool… in the mean time start to apply with everyone again. I travel to Chicago and Atlanta with a few others. The whole process is expensive and tiring! You are poked and prodded, tested and re-tested. It is rough and I am running out of options for Japan.

The process in a nutshell breaks down like this, you travel somewhere for a 2 or 3 day gig. First day you sit in a room with 20-40 other schmucks and listen to the pitch. Each company gives you their philosophy and their perks and what makes them “the best”. Then they will give you a test or some other random thing to weed out the folks that lack the English skill needed. After that usually there is a break and then the group breaks up into groups and do their “mock teaching lessons”. These are hilarious… sometimes the other applicants are pretending to be the kids, sometimes the recruiters are but it is always just a bunch of people in suits acting like idiots in the name of “teaching”. If they like you then you get an interview and a second longer teaching lesson the next day. I always make it to the second day. I have to admit after the ease of being hired from ECC and Interac I thought these were easy, i thought WRONG! I guess I was hit with major beginners luck because the crash and burns’ that followed were nothing short of epic fails! I will post each of these next time, stay tuned because they were as enlightening as they were humbling!


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