Stuck in Folsom Prison…

Stuck in folsom prison?

Now where was I… Oh, that’s right, i was walkin’ on sunshine with dreams in my head and a bright future awaiting me in the land of the rising sun. So I begin my planning and preparations, I buy new suits for my teaching gig (in Japan black suits are not just a fad that won’t die… they are mandatory), I buy a new laptop to handle all my needs, I buy a high end “prosumer” video camera so I can film documentary footage. Basically, I am the reason for the uptick in the economy. I wait and I wait, each morning waking and rushing to my email for that wonderful email telling me where and when I am going. I wait and I wait…

Each month I get an email saying there is nothing yet but hold tight. Each month I think to myself I will wait because when you place me I will be the best teacher ECC has ever had! But alas, each month I float along in limbo. Now… for any of you that have not experienced something like this let me tell you basically everything is on pause and like a dream. Each day you cannot really concentrate on tasks at hand because your mind and heart are already gone. In your mind you have already said goodbye and you are basically a walking remnant of a person. So each day I watch and wait… Faithful to the company that hired me, faithful to a flaw. Where oh where will this little lost soul land?


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