I’m walkin’ on Sunshine

I’m Walkin On Sunshine

Well, okay not TODAY but that day (or time as it were)… now where were we on this tale. Ah, right i just got smashed by the JET program and was off on the adventure. So search online and find a couple promising schools. Mind you at this time I knew NOTHING about this whole process so i was just kinda blindly grasping at straws. I applied to a school called ECC and one called Interac. Interac was very close so i only had to travel to Orlando to meet with them. I was not too big on them because they kinda place you and that is it, not a lot of support. I am not saying this as a negative but i was wary of it. Basically other schools will entice you by setting up your apartment and things like that. Anyway I interview with Interac and it goes well.

About a week later I am flying to San Francisco to interview with ECC. This one is rough because it starts out with a huge english test that is VERY difficult even for native speakers. I was worried about that one because if you fail that test game over – complete bug hunt (Aliens reference). The gamble is i fly from Florida to San Fran to fail a test. Happy days! i passed the test and did pretty well on the teaching portion. Again, not patting myself on the back but i do fairly well at interviews and have NO problem getting up in front of groups. All is well, i get to see a very cool City in San Fran and then i fly home.

a week or so later i get contacted by Interac saying they accepted me. Now this is november of 2008. I am waiting for my results of ECC so i stall for a little time. I would prefer ECC because they offer more incentives. I hear from ECC and they hire me! Let the good times roll, or so i thought (insert dramatic movie music here). I cordially decline Interac and sign on with ECC in November of 2008 for an April start in 2009. Stay tuned for more fun and excitement in the world of English Teaching In Japan!


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