Back to the beating… Part 1

Back To The Beating… Of Life

Since my last post I have gotten some questions like… “hey, why are you so bitter?” So I will rewind a little and tells the tales of broken dreams and frustration.

It was about 3 years ago when i was working with Foreign Exchange students and taking Nihongo at a local college i heard of the wonderful program called “JET”. I had no idea of this wonderful world where a native English speaker goes and lives in Japan to teach and learn the culture! Being a complete Japan Otaku I immediately set out to become one of these glorious “JET” folks.

For some background about me, i am older lets just say the 35 – 45 range and leave it at that. I consider myself fairly successful when i set my mind to things, i graduated from Penn State with a BA in Advertising, i moved to florida, i hold a black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate and do fairly well in the places i work often making it into management positions with success. So, i thought to myself, i would apply they would meet me and joyfully bring me over to be their shining English teacher Star. BZZZZZZ… WRONG! I didn’t even make the first cut to be interviewed! Shocked and dejected i talked with my Nihongo sensei and asked was this some sort of mistake? She basically informed me that although it says ages 20 – 45 that actually means 20 – 24 or so. See, due to laws and whatnot they can’t say “we only want young faces to represent our program” but basically they only want young faces to represent their program. I was PISSED but then she said JET wasn’t the only thing out there and gave me a few links.

So i began the process of applying to different programs and companies out there to be an ALT or English teacher in Japan. I know this is kinda like the movie titanic in that since i am here and you already saw my earlier posts you KNOW i am not in Japan. But please, let me continue this tale another day because the twists and turns will really help give a better perspective on why i carry both desperation and a hint of anger. But please, before you go putting me into the bitter has-been category let me tell you more about me and let me keep trying to fight the good fight.

to be continued…


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