Time Time Time Ain’t on my side!

Time Time Time Ain’t on my Side!

Well, good news I got hired and started the process immigration and Visa process. Bad news it right now i am sitting and waiting, staring at the calendar wondering how this is going to work! i have a start date of August 10th, i got my documents to S. Korea July 1st. The kicker is I cannot meet with the Atlanta Consulate until AFTER i get my immigration number (some 2.5 – 3 weeks away). Lets just say i am mighty nervous. i want to give my employer ample notice but time she is a runnin’ out! I am sure it will all work out i just get a little jumpy when it comes to time… i like to have A LOT of extra time built into what ever I do. If my work starts at 10 I am the one there around 9:15


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